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Dear guests!
We have to put your special attention to the fact, that only those organizations and private entrepreneurs with legal permit for water biological resources extraction and individuals with nominal fishing license can use netting gears, according to Russian Federation legislation.

Limited liability corporation VIMBA specializes in projecting, producing and selling of netting gears. Currently there are two basic ways of our activity:
manufacturing production and customized production.

Netting gears of any types and measurements: fixed (keep) nets, dragnets, trap nets, net chambers for fish breeding and gear for sport activities.
Nomenclature: from big professional to little amateur ones. High quality materials are used in our products: capron fiber 15-08-37-89; 15-08-3.34-08-89 (Russia) nylon ISO 9002 (Momoi, Japan).
Rims are equipped with finish floating and loading cords OY Lindeman AB
Fitting of nets is made by high skilled masters.
Consultations: in setting and using of gears.

Company`s history

In 1993 industrial fishery specialists of trawl fleet in Riga created a corporation called Galan. Since 1995 the company was run by individual entrepreneur Kozlov. And in 2001 on the base of stable group of people Ltd Vimba was created.
From 2003 ltd. VIMBA issues its gears under the registered trademark 2 73033 from 28th of August 2003, that is confirmed by Federal intellectual property, patents and trademarks service.


Company`s news

About wholesale purchase, please feel free to address:
Saint-Petersburg. Ltd. Vimba Tel./fax: 8-(812) 374-96-94,
cell phone numbers: 8-(921) 908-62-81, 8-(911) 235-87-69, 8-(901) 378-73-14

We offer: Net chambers for fish breeding; hammocks; cage net (fishpond);
protective nets for gyms and construction objects.
We do also mending and post warranty maintaining
works of net chambers for fish breeding.
We take individual custom projects to fulfill as well.

Only high quality materials from Russia, Japan and Finland are used in our goods.

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