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Dear guests!
We have to put your special attention to the fact, that only those organizations and private entrepreneurs with legal permit for water biological resources extraction and individuals with nominal fishing license can use netting gears, according to Russian Federation legislation.

Ltd. Vimba specializes in netting gears projecting, producing and selling. Currently there are two general ways of our activity: manufacturing production and customized production. Nettings gears of all types and measurements, fixed (keep) net, dragnets, trap net and nets for sport activities. Nomenclature of goods: from little amateur to big professional ones. All the networks are equipped with floating and loading cords of finish company OY Lindeman AB. Network fitting is made by high skilled masters. Also our company provides consultations in netting gears running.

We are happy to introduce you our basic products:

1. Gill Networks, Frame Nets.
2. Casting Nets.NEWCasting net in use VIDEO.
3. Protective Nets.
4. Arc-trap net, Trap Net for Crayfish.
5. Net chambers for fish breeding.
6. Drag Net (evenly-winged), Pick Up Net, Cage Net (fishpond).
7. Lamprey Net.
8. Nettings.
9. Knotless nettings.
10. Cords for gears equipment.
11. Floats, Loads, Shuttle.
12. Cords and Fishing Lines.
13. Fishing Boxes.

Here you can download:
Price in Excel 97-2003 format:(RUS)
Ltd VIMBA.xls
Price in Excel 2010 format:(RUS)Ltd VIMBA.xlsx
Blanks for order in Excel:(RUS)Blanks for order Ltd VIMBA.xls

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